Solar technology in Africa

Solar technology in the African bush

One of our ex-students, Bweupe Chifita lives in the northwest of Zambia in the city of Solwezi. A few years ago more copper was found there and practically a new town was built around the copper mine. Such a development naturally has the advantage that there is more work. I do not want to go into to what extent the environment is ruined, but it is clear that such a development also has an impact on social issues.

Now there are hundreds of young people in Solwezi who live or vegetate on the streets. Bweupe Chifita and friends have now started to look after these people on the lowest social level. The reason for his time here with us was that he wanted to learn how to better help these people to support themselves instead of surviving by begging, stealing, prostitution, etc.

We are pleased that we can also help him with this work. Recently “our” electronics / computer / solar man Maybin Siabasimbi went to Solwezi to help Bweupe to install a solar pump in the well that was drilled a few weeks ago.

Solwezi is about 15 hours by car northwest of us and so Maybin was on “assembly” for a whole week. In the meantime we have helped Bweupe to make and burn bricks for building a house with around € 1200. This must be done before the rain starts as the bricks are simply piled up outside to burn. A small storage room and some simple accommodation for the “street youngsters” are to be built first.

In addition to the work in Solwezi and us, friends from the church of christ in Chemnitz also take part in this work. Such work can only be financed through donations and therefore our request: If you want to participate, you are welcome to make a donation to Good Hope Kalomo eV.

Donations are welcome!

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