Good Hope Carpentry Shop

Eight years ago we received a generous donation which enabled us to establish a carpentry shop at Good Hope Basic School. Why carpentry? The main reason was to give young people who are struggling academically but who are good with their hands an opportunity to aquire skills in wood working. There are many beautiful trees… Good Hope Carpentry Shop weiterlesen

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Vegetable Production by Students from Twin Fountain College

One way in which Twin Fountain is different from other colleges is the chance for our students to finance themselves. A big challenge for development in Africa is this general “beggar mentality” – oh help me I am poor. As much as it is true that there are a lot of poor people in this… Vegetable Production by Students from Twin Fountain College weiterlesen

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Solar technology in Africa

Solar technology in the African bush One of our ex-students, Bweupe Chifita lives in the northwest of Zambia in the city of Solwezi. A few years ago more copper was found there and practically a new town was built around the copper mine. Such a development naturally has the advantage that there is more work.… Solar technology in Africa weiterlesen

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GoodHopeZambia News January 2020

Dear friends and supporters, the most important daily issue is still drought. The January rain was even less than last year. January should be the rainiest month, but our cattle are still drinking well water because there is no water in the streams and dams. The rain is better to the north than here, so… GoodHopeZambia News January 2020 weiterlesen

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December 2019

Dear friends and supporters, before the year ends, a few more messages from us. The great heat and drought continues. We had the last rain 12 days ago and it is over 30 degrees every day and the sun is just very hot now that it is directly above us. The grass that started growing… December 2019 weiterlesen

September 2019

Dear Friends, The DROUGHT The number one topic in the past few weeks has been the drought. The extent of a very poor rain season is becoming more and more evident. The little harvest the people did have is now used up and hunger is spreading. There are several Help organizations that are handing out… September 2019 weiterlesen

Juli 2019

Dear Friends the terrible rainy season is evident all around us. All our streams and dams are dried out. Even our biggest dam, which hasn’t dried out in the last 18 years, only has a muddy puddle. Compared to a lot of others we are well off with our water, thanks to the new bore… Juli 2019 weiterlesen

June 2019

Dear friends How do we measure success as teachers? Not so easy. A friend, Dr Phil Thuma from Macha Mission hospital explained that to me years ago like this: I feel sorry for you teachers. Yes as doctor I see patients dying, but I also have “success” every day. Like this morning, a four year… June 2019 weiterlesen