December 2019

Dear friends and supporters,

before the year ends, a few more messages from us. The great heat and drought continues. We had the last rain 12 days ago and it is over 30 degrees every day and the sun is just very hot now that it is directly above us.

The grass that started growing two weeks ago is now dry again. Humans and cattle and plants are sweating or withering. That makes it very difficult for us. But we can also be grateful: The wells that we drilled a year ago are now „saving us“ and we can continue to grow vegetables and have enough water for the goats and cattle of the farm.

We also take the opportunity to show employees and neighbors what you can do even in such extreme weather: mulching is now vital to survival. In the picture you can see a piece of corn field where the left side has no mulch on the ground, but the right side is thickly covered with dry grass. The picture does not show the most important difference, but in a few days you can watch a short video on the homepage, where we explain this in more detail: under the mulch, the ground is cool and moist and where no mulch covers the ground, the ground is hot and dry.

Since there is really enough dry grass in this country, it is not too much of a problem to organize this mulch. We are currently using the workforce of four school children to lay out the dry grass where we have not had mulch before. We now have new people here every day who ask for help or work and so we can at least help some. We start work at 6 in the morning and make sure that we come out of the field at 11, because it just gets too hot.

We would like to thank you very much for your varied help and support this past year. Your prayers, your encouragement, your financial support make the work here possible. We also use this extreme weather to talk, what do we do when we e.g. pray for rain but no rain comes. Do we cling to God because God gives us what we ask for, or do we cling to God for God’s sake? An important example of this is given by Moses: God had given him an “impossible” task, but Moses does not ask … please let us go through the desert quickly and easily, but he asks …. Lord show me your glory. Oh yes, a good rainy season would be really good for us for a year, but if we learn more about God’s glory, greatness and goodness, it will prepare us for eternal glory

And that’s why we want to thank God for all care this year and trust Him for the next year.

We hope and pray that you will agree with us in this regard, so that God may be honored and glorified through your life. In this sense, a blessed conclusion in 2019 and early 2020

Yours Klaus and Christiane

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