GoodHopeZambia News: September 2020

Dear friends,

Our work is still influenced by Corona. The work at the primary school is most affected. There are only classes 7 and 9 in class to prepare the students for the final exams. Incidentally, the other classes don’t seem to go on until next january. The students should then repeat their class from 2020.

At the agricultural school, all students are in class. We have a hand wash basin with disinfectant solution in front of every classroom and should wear masks, which is mostly not followed and has so far not had any health consequences. The head of the „Nigeria Center for Disease Control“ Dr. Ihekweazu, who was with the first WHO delegation in China at the start of the corona outbreak, recently stated in an interview that although there is no scientific study on it, he assumes that the low number of corona cases in Africa could have three causes:

1. There are far fewer elderly people in Africa. This is the age group in the rest of the world that is most affected by Corona.

2. In Africa there are no old people’s homes where many old people live close together, again a risk situation that does not exist in Africa.

3. Finally, he assumes that the relatively poorer health care in Africa means that many more people are exposed to infectious diseases more often and that, as a result, the natural resistance to such infections is probably higher.

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