Good Hope Zambia News December 2023

Dear friends,

After experiencing the hottest November with little rainfall, we’ve had good rain over the last three days, resulting in a slight cooldown. However, the rain has been quite localized, and several friends have still received minimal rainfall. This late rainy season significantly affects agriculture, as farmers have barely planted their fields. Consequently, the corn harvest in 2024 is expected to be rather meager.

The government has urged farmers with irrigation capabilities to plant corn and has promised a „good“ price to compensate for the extra irrigation costs. Let’s see if this promise will be fulfilled. Thunderstorms seem to be more intense this year, likely due to the prolonged heat. Just 10 days ago, we had to replace the pump in the well for the elementary school. The previous pump had lasted for many years. Unfortunately, the new pump was only three days old when it was struck by lightning. We need to replace not the pump but the motor for the pump. I believe this was the shortest-lived pump we’ve ever had.

Agricultural School:

On December 1st, we had our year-end celebration, bidding farewell to 16 students. I need to come up with something drastic for next year’s celebration: I had asked three young people to send me their pictures since I am supposed to be in all the pictures with the students. So far, I haven’t received a single picture, and I apologize for not being able to include any in this letter.

Two of our staff members attended a training in Zimbabwe on „Regenerative Agriculture“ from November 20th to 24th. They returned full of enthusiasm about what they saw and learned there. If you’re interested, you can check online under „African Center for Holistic Management.“ Davison and Wilson, our two staff members, said they now truly understand what we’ve been trying to develop in our own agriculture in recent years. We will continue to implement these practices, and I am delighted to have two followers who understand what it’s all about. (Seeing with one’s own eyes is better than lectures or videos.)

Elementary School:

This year, two young women graduated from secondary school with excellent grades and secured positions to further their education as nurses and midwives. We will financially support these two, as their families cannot afford the school fees – around K 24,000 per year.


It seems you’re expecting quite a bit of snow in the coming days. Therefore, we can wish you a white Christmas, which has become rare in recent years. Preferably white with sunshine. Thanks to everyone who accompanied and supported us in our work this year. Without your help, we couldn’t accomplish what we do here.

We wish you all a healthy and joyful holiday season and a great start to 2024!

Warm regards, Klaus and Christiane

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