Good Hope Zambia News October 2022

Dear friends,

We discovered a good “connection between weed and soccer”: Our soccer team was looking for a sponsor. Of course they came to me. We have agreed on a good “compromise”. These are fit youngsters, so they cleared about 100m x 50m of this aggressive lantana bush and got about E200 to get some soccer balls and jerseys. Now they look like a decent team and the jerseys are more valuable because they sweated for them themselves.

Our new classroom at the agricultural school is now ready to the point that we have started teaching there. Now we are in the process of converting the old classroom for computer lessons. We got in touch with a foundation „Computers for Schools“ that sells good computers to schools at greatly reduced prices. Hopefully we can report on that in the next letter.

Elementary school

The two interns from the PH in Heidelberg have been back home since the beginning of October. They dealt with some backward situations, as you might expect, but found others quite progressive. I await your report on your work here, which we will then put on our homepage.

In order to „make up for“ missed lessons during the Corona measures in the last two years, the children are now going to school 6 days a week instead of the usual 5. Hopefully that helps too. In any case, the new government – ​​for about a year now – has already put some money into renovating run-down schools and hired several thousand new teachers. APPLAUSE! When asked about the funding, he replied that there was enough unnecessary spending that was being cut, for example he had refused to buy new cars for the government because there were already enough cars. APPLAUSE again!

Greetings for today from hot Africa
Your Klaus and Christiane

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