Good Hope Zambia News September 2022

Dear friend The “cold” season is over, many trees are starting to bloom, which always looks great when everything around it looks so dry, brown and gray.


The last trimester for this year started on August 31st. The new classroom I wrote about in the last letter is coming soon finished. We hope to be able to start classes there in the first week of October, although some will only be „almost ready“. In order to bring the information from the Internet into the lesson better, we want to install a larger screen and loudspeakers so that we don’t have to lug around a projector and loudspeakers for every lesson, but only have to connect the computer to the screen. We also want to give students a better introduction to using computers. We are increasingly giving our students “homework” where they have to look on the internet to find the information they need. For this purpose we would like to buy eight computers first. We are still looking for a non-profit organization that sells computers to schools for educational purposes at low cost.


Lessons have also been running again at the primary school since September 5th. Mathilda and Lilli, the two trainee teachers from Heidelberg, are also busy there, especially in math, general knowledge and English. I asked her to write a little report about her impressions at the end of the month. We were successful with our visit to the school authorities, so they didn’t transfer our good math teacher to another school, but he can stay in Good Hope until further notice. In the course of Over the years we have occasionally had comments about the poor math teaching in Zambia’s primary schools did. That’s why we were so happy that we finally have a math teacher who teaches the children the basics of math in an almost playful way. Now one or the other will think, why do you need math in „normal“ life? I teach a course „Math for Farmers“ and last week only three out of 12 students found the right answer to the question: If you need 3 liters of water per cattle to spray them against ticks, how much water do you need for 20 cattle? 3+3+3+3…. That’s why we don’t just call this course „Math“ but „Math for Farmers“


We can report from our family that our daughter Kathrin is slowly establishing herself with her husband and children. David is doing his to set up his own company for security systems. The in-laws from South Africa are currently visiting and so the children have a „choice“ between the grandparents. We send warm greetings for today

Your Klaus and Christiane


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