Good Hope Zambia News 04/2022


Dear friend! Overall, we can be thankful for the rainy season that is now coming to an end, because we have more grass on the pastures and more water in the streams and ponds than in the past six or seven years.

Agricultural school

The first trimester of 2022 ended on April 1st. The consistently good vegetable production of most of the students was certainly excellent. We have good examples from our own ranks of how good planning and careful gardening really help to achieve economic success.

The best student has more than 1000 Euros in her account, which is more than the statistical annual income in Zambia. Since the young woman will be here for another 2 trimesters, it is quite possible that she will eventually break the previous record in vegetable production.

Last month we started building a new, larger classroom. Due to the possible choice between a one-year and a two-year teaching program, we have too many students for our previous classrooms in some subjects. That’s why we use the school auditorium as a classroom for more than a year. This is possible, but it also has a number of disadvantages. The new classroom is expected to be ready by early September’s third term and will accommodate 35 to 40 students.

Elementary school

The elementary school has a slightly longer trimester, the April holidays have been shortened from 4 to 2 weeks. This should probably compensate for the loss of lessons last year. It is not an easy task for the teachers, how to incorporate which subject matter into the lessons of this year. The search for a new well for the primary school, which began last year, will be resumed when the subsoil has dried enough to be able to carry out better measurements for existing groundwater. At the moment, the various measuring techniques indicate good water everywhere.

Germany trip

I will arrive in Frankfurt on April 29th and have an appointment at the Orthopedic on May 3rd for my left knee, which has been causing me pain for two years. I can’t commit myself to any trips or visits, because that depends on the „judgment“ of the orthopaedist. If at all possible I will hopefully be able to make a few visits at short notice. For today we send warm greetings

Your Klaus and Christiane

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