Our Cause

We consider the local circumstances, focus on helping people to help themselves, and are long-term oriented.


Since 1993, our Christian basic school has enjoyed significant growth. Good Hope now educates more than 380 children ranging in ages from pre-school up to the 9th grade. They walk up to 8 km every day to get to school, coming from the surrounding small villages, as well as mid-sized tobacco and cattle farms. Most of their parents have never been to school and can neither read, write, nor know simple math such as 4 + 5.

In 1993 our basic school started with lessons for grades 1 to 3. Before that the children in the area had no opportunity to go to school. Due to the close relationships among our teachers, parents, and young people in a collaborative environment with innovative teaching concepts, we have made significant improvements over the last two decades:

  • Good Hope Christian Basic School ranks among the top Schools of about 100 Schools in Kalomo district.
  • All of our teachers are Zambian, most of whom live in houses right next to our school buildings.
  • Offering lessons in Tonga – the local language, in English, Math, Science, Geography, History, Physical and Religious Education.

Beyond we emphasize the learning of the practical arts for rural life. In grade 8 and 9 we offer Home Economics with classes in Hygiene, cooking and sewing. As well as Industrial arts with classes in Wood Work, Basics in Brick laying und an Introduction to Metal Works. This enables communities to sustain their traditional family units even if they do not qualify or are not interested in further school education. Most important, these skills are the basis for sustainable development.


The Twin Fountain Agriculture College is unique in Zambia due to the way it combines the theoretical and practical training. Everything from the production to the marketing of agricultural produce is taught theoretically and practically. Beside the lessons in the class room, the theory is put in to practice on Twin Fountain Farm. Each student receives a plot of land on which to grow vegetables which are sold on the local market. With the income they finance their college fees and can save up to $ 4.000 to start their own businesses.

The Twin Fountains Community

About 20 families live on Twin Fountains Farm. Two families have been here since we purchased the farm in 1988. Hence by now the grand-kids of the two couples, who work with us since the beginning, are going to Good Hope Primary School today. All employees of the farm also live here with their families. The farm produces chicken, currently about 3500 per month, beef cattle and vegetables. The farm workshop looks after all vehicles and farm equipment as well as the building maintenance. While the farm work provides an income opportunity the practical agricultural training depends on the smooth farm operations. Especially our long-term farm employees have sufficient experience and skill to help the students in their practical training. The campus of the agricultural school is also part of the Twin Fountains community. The students live here as well as the four teachers with their families. Twin Fountain is really a small village with 150 to 200 people living either in the farm housing area or the school campus.

The facilities of Good Hope Christian Basic School are located about 6 km to the north and forms its own community.